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Torch-On Systems

Recommended for:
Concrete Roof Slabs, Retaining walls, Box Gutters and Flat Galvanized Iron Roofs (three way system).

Prominent Roofing (PTY)Ltd uses the 4mm and 3mm Thermoflex torch-on system manufactured and supplied by Darachem Industrial Supplies (STT).

Thermoflex has been in production since 1982 and has been developed specifically for South African conditions, which on the highveld are extreme. Assistance in product evaluation has been provided by the C.S.I.R.

Thermoflex consists of a 180-gram heat set chemically bonded (double reinforced) needle punched polyester geo fabric, manufactured in an ISO 9000 certified plant. This comprises the "Carrier"or core of the product. Impregnated into this is S.A.B.S. certified bitumen, which is modified with A.P.P. (at tactic polypropylene) and various other components, which provide flexibility and ultra violet light resistance. The weathering surface is treated with an inert silica, which provides a key for adhesion of topcoats, should aesthetics require. The under surface comprises a heat sensitive polymer film which melts at the correct temperature during application.

A torch on system should be maintained by applying a silver aluminium coat of paint to protect the product from the UV rays and if this is done on a regular basis the product will last for many years. A torch on system is fitted by heat fusion only and by qualified personal that are trained in this field.

Over three million square meters of THERMOFLEX has been specified and is successfully performing on roofs throughout Africa. The product is fully backed by our manufacturers guarantee and has a life expectancy of more than twenty years.

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